Energy Sector

With our experience and know-how, our products are tailored made to client’s requirements to achieve greater efficiency, increased savings in energy cost, lower carbon emissions and water foot print through energy integration and optimisation.

One of the strength of Swedish Exergy systems is versatility. The Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer, Exergy Air Stream Dryer, Exergy Bed Dryer, Exergy Flue gas Dryer, Falling Film Evaporator and Forced Circulation Evaporators can be delivered as stand-alone installations or be easily integrated in existing processes. They can use any heat source such as exhaust gases, steam and/or hot water and can be combined to achieve the best results.

Depending on the setup there will not only be guaranteed water removal but also additional benefits such as:

  • Low pressure steam, which could be a valuable heat source for other processes in the plant
  • Electricity, if the dryer is combined with a condensing turbine.
  • Clean steam at the desired pressure through the use of a steam re-boiler and compressor. 
  • No emission of odor. 
  • 70-90% of the drying energy can be recovered as steam that can be used for power production. 
  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • No fire or explosion risk.
  • Over 99% dryness can be achieved.

Exergy Technology can be used in the following applications (For a complete list please click here):

  • Biofuel production for existing and new boilers
  • Conversions – fossil to biomass
  • Biodiesel
  • Biogas
  • Pyrolysis
  • Gasification
  • Bio oil from biomass
  • Treatment of EFB
  • Pellet and briquette Production
  • Bioethanol
  • Peat drying
  • Coal and lignite drying
  • Wood chips and waste wood

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