Exergy Hamacher

Innovation with tradition for over 100 years

Karl Hamacher GmbH, established in 1904 in Bochum; to serve the mining industry in Germany. Main focus since start has been to supply pneumatic bulk material transportation and high pressure pipelines.

The company started developing and manufacturing TroMaxx>> series heavy duty conical rotary valve designed to feed rocks and tailing remains from coal washing - into pneumatic transport systems to fill underground voids.

While still providing bulk material handling systems for the mining industry, our focus nowadays is feeding and discharge of bulk materials for large scale pressurized drying plants. The basic principle of our rotary valves - wear resistance, reliability and safety - has however not changed over time.

The technology is adapted to satisfy the requirements of the large variety of our customers from different industrial segments.
Swedish Exergy AB acquired all assets of Karl Hamacher GmbH in 2010, including the production facility for TroMaxx>> Rotary Valves under new name Exergy Hamacher. Exergy Hamacher possesses the knowledge gained through all these changes and advancing developments, and aims to keep developing and producing innovative rotary valves technology in the future in accordance with the needs and desires of our customers.

Swedish Exergy AB is known worldwide for large-scale drying systems for various industrial applications.