Exergy Bed Dryer

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Exergy Bed Dryer

Exergy Bed dryer is a robust dryer which was developed to meet the needs of the industry for utilisation of low grade available heat. Any low grade heat source such as steam, hot water, flue gases can be used in the dryer
The first commercial plant was built at Rockhammar Bruk in 1980s for drying bio-fuel for boilers. The plant is still in operation and is testimony to the robust design.

The dryer consists of an air fan, heat exchanger, ductwork and a specially designed moving bed. The drying air is heated up and blown through the perforated bed allowing penetration of heat in the product. The hot air is allowed to leave the bed and dissipate in the atmosphere. The residence time is usually 30-60 minutes to allow enough drying time.

Since the drying process takes place at very low temperature, emissions to atmosphere are minimised.

Key Features of the Exergy Bed Dryer:

  • Use of waste heat as drying energy
  • Maximize electrical power production when used for boiler fuel
  • Costly Flue gas condensation is not needed
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Expensive supplementary fuel is not needed
  • Few moving parts and ease of operation
  • Low maintenance cost

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