Exergy Bed Dryer

Our bed dryer is a robust, durable and easy-to-use dryer that minimizes your losses
by using waste heat as drying energy.

Exergy Bed Dryer

Our bed dryer is a robust dryer designed to meet industry requirements for the use of low grade available heat.

The dryer can easily handle all types of fuels and variations in feed moisture. This means you can use any low grade heat source such as steam, hot water or flue gasses in the dryer. The heat input to the heat exchanger and the control of the fan speed control the degree of dryness of the final product. This means that the capacity can vary between 20% and 100%, but still have the same high efficiency.

In the 1980s, we built our first commercial plant for drying biofuel for boilers at Rockhammar Bruk. The plant is still in operation and is a testament to the bed dryers robust construction.

The Exergy bed dryer consists of an air blower, a heat exchanger, a duct system and a specially designed moving bed. The drying air is heated and blown through the perforated bed to allow the heat to penetrate the product. The hot air leaves the bed and escapes into the atmosphere. The residence time is usually 30-60 minutes to allow sufficient time for drying.

In addition, the drying process takes place at very low temperatures, minimizing emissions to the atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Use of waste heat as drying energy
  • Maximized electrical power production when used for boiler fuel
  • No need of costly Flue gas condensation
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • No need of expensive supplementary fuel
  • Easy operation and few moving parts
  • Low maintenance cost

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