Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Our products have a long life cycle, low maintenance and high quality for their different applications.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Pneumatic conveying systems are widely used in industry to convey dry, fine and bulk materials. These systems are extremely versatile, economical and suitable for many processes.

The main purpose of a pneumatic conveying system is to transport bulk solids from one point to another by means of a pressurized gas flow, by both positive and negative pressure through a pipeline. Fine particles in the range of microns to particles up to 20 mm can be transported horizontally and/or vertically from a few meters to more than 3 kilometers away, and having transport capacities up to several tons/hour.

The main advantage of the pneumatic transport of bulk solids is that the systems are closed, and therefore non- polluting nor contaminating.The transported material is completely “enclosed” within the pipe, which protects the product from the environment and vice versa (this is particularly important when transporting hazardous toxic materials, explosives, biological, etc.).

Pneumatic transportation systems are; clean, suitable for many different processes, flexible in terms of rerouting and expansion, require little space and are easy to automate. A pneumatic conveying system can convey the product to any place a pipeline can run, including vertical lines or any other complex setting.

Swedish Exergy AB together with Exergy Hamacher is a key supplier of equipment and transportation systems for open pit or underground mining. We also serve industries where bulk material handling is required to fulfill the operation. Our systems are specially designed to handle fly ash, ready mix cements and additives. Our engineering team can assist you to choose the optimal process configuration.

The high performance of our solutions and the ability to produce systems with a very low wear (we use reinforced pipes and bends) allows companies to show a real competitive advantage and significant cost reductions.

Reference Plants:

  • Houilleres du Bassin de Lorraine, a French coal mine. Delivered; mobile bunkers for material handling.
  • Euro tunnel Dover Calais. Delivered; concrete mixer and pumping units.
  • Thyssen Schachtbau, Deilmann-Haniel, Heitkamp. Delivered; mobile bunkers for material handling.
  • RAG Aktiengesellschaft. Delivered; surface station, intermediate station, mobile bunker, mobile concrete mixers and pumping units.
  • Chayirhan, coal mine Turkey. Delivered; mobile bunkers for material handling, surface stations and intermediate stations.
  • Carbosulcis mine, Sardegna Italy. Delivered; mobile concrete mixers and pumping units.
  • Asse salt mine, German Federal Government. Delivered; surface station, intermediate station, mobile concrete mixer and pumping units.

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