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Through our well-established network of suppliers, associated partners, subsidiaries and sub-contractors we deliver bespoke plants for our international and local clients to suit their specifications.

Quality and Environment

We take our social, environmental and economical responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to supplying optimal technical and commercial solutions for our customers.

Exergy products have a long life cycle, low maintenance and high quality for their different applications. One of the main applications is transforming waste to energy, a core environmental issue today. We work with our supply chain to minimize environmental impact in all the phases of the project. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company with highest AAA credit worthiness rating. We implement 3rd party approval where necessary for key components.


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We are looking for business partners across the globe to market and sell Swedish Exergy AB drying and evaporation technologies. For more information please contact us at info[@]swedishexergy.com