Through our well-established network of suppliers, associated partners, subsidiaries and sub-contractors we deliver bespoke plants for our international and local clients to suit their specifications.

Our Vision:

Even more sustainable world – We enable our customers to go further than anyone else in realizing higher profits with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly innovative dehydration processes.

Mission Statement:

  1. To manufacture and supply drying plants for processing of various products such as bio-fuel, DDGS, paper pulp, sludge, sugar-beat, bagasse, peat / lignite etc.
  2. Our customers are power plants, producers of wood pellets and animal feed, ethanol producers, sugar companies, sewage treatment plants, paper-pulp producers.
  3. Our steam dryer is most profitable for large production facilities.
  4. Customers will have the lowest LCC and thus lower production costs and maximize their profits.
  5. We do not sell designs and drawings.

To provide energy efficient solutions to our clients enabling them to increase profitability and reduce their carbon footprint.


  1. We keep our promises.
  2. Long term relationships.
  3. Progress showing the way.
  4. We challenge our selves.
  5. We help each other.
  6. Effective resource management provides opportunities.


In order to reinforce our long-term strategic direction Exergy will focus its efforts on future energy production systems, waste to energy projects, new application development and continued innovations. Exergy strongly believes in the on-going development of products and processes of the company. Timely delivery and quality are core elements of our business. We shall continue to focus on our traditional markets in Europe and focus our future growing markets – USA, India, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

UN Sustainable Goals

All aspects of the work of the Board shall promote UN Sustainable Goals:

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation – Sludge and waste water treatment application

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy – energy efficient solutions for production of bio-fuels

Code of Conduct:

We believe in fair work practices and support this through our working behaviour and systems within the company. The core values of Exergy are:

  1. Honesty
  2. Fair business practices
  3. Quality of our products and services
  4. Best service to our customers
  5. Equal opportunity employer
  6. Responsibility towards sustainable development
  7. Social responsibility
  8. Suppliers to comply with labour laws. No child labour.
  9. Transparency and open attitude towards employees
  10. Respect rights of others

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Swedish Office

Gamla Rambergsvägen 34
SE-417 10,  Gothenburg
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