Air Stream Dryer

Exergy Air Stream Dryer

Exergy Air Stream Dryer is a semi-closed, low temperature dryer designed as stand-alone dryer or as a pre-dryer together with Superheated Steam Dryer (SHSD) for two stage drying.

The drying air is indirectly heated in a heat exchanger using heating media such as low pressure steam, flue gases, hot water etc.

Wet product is fed into the dryer via an air lock. The product is transported and dried in specially designed drying conduits and separated in an ultra-high efficiency cyclone or bag filter. The dried product is discharged from the bottom of the cyclone/bag filter through an air-lock. Part of the drying air can be recirculated back to the air heater to minimize drying energy need.

Key Features of Exergy Air Stream Dryer:

  • Indirect heating of drying media
  • High efficiency and availability
  • Low emissions to atmosphere
  • Flexible to operate
  • Easy to maintain due to few rotating parts
  • Easy integration with other processes for energy optimization 
  • Small foot print
  • Ideal for low temperature drying

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