Agro and food drying

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Food drying

People have used dehydration to preserve food since ancient times when they would dry meat, fish, and vegetables. The drying process removes water through evaporation using various methods. Sun drying, air drying, and freeze drying are three commonly used methods for drying food. Another effective way is drying with superheating steam.

Water and moisture bind bacteria, and drying food can prolong shelf life. However, food dehydration has more advantages than that. Drying also reduces size and weight, which means easier and cheaper storage and transportation.

Drying food using superheated steam has proven to have product enhancement properties. Steam drying enhances flavor, retains nutritional values, expands fibers, and makes it sterile.

Waste to value

The food production industry produces a significant amount of residues daily that often end up on landfill sites. Environmentally, this is a disaster but also an unnecessary cost.

Instead, we can use the waste in several ways. For example, as an energy source, animal feed, or reproduced as food. One example is by turning brewers’ dark grain into flour, that have several advantages:

  • Double the fiber content
  • Calorie reduction
  • Protein and amino acid increase

Drying your waste provides extra income and permanently reduces your costs for transportation and storage.

The Exergy superheated steam dryer in food drying.

The Exergy superheated steam dryer (Exergy PSSD®) is a closed-loop indirect contact dryer. Therefore, the heating media never comes in contact with the product, making it ideal for sensitive applications like food.

Besides product enhancement, the Exergy PSSD® provides many benefits:

  • Lowest total life cycle cost
  • No risk of fire or explosion
  • Small ground footprint
  • No air emission
  • Low net energy consumption and the ability to reuse the steam in other processes.

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