Air Stream Dryer

Our products have a long life cycle, low maintenance and high quality for their different applications.

Exergy Air Stream Dryer (ExergyASD®)

The Exergy Air Stream Dryer is a flexible and effective drying solution. The dryer uses waste heat at low temperatures to heat the air, minimizing adverse environmental effects by reducing emissions.

Only a low amount of product remains in the dryer at any time, making the risks. We use a heat exchanger to indirectly heat the air with low-pressure steam, flue gas, hot water, and more.

We begin by feeding the wet products into the dryer through an air-lock. Next, we use hot air to dry the product and transport it through specially designed drying conduits. Then, an ultra-high-efficiency cyclone or bag filter separates the dried product.

At the bottom of the cyclone/bag filter, we utilize another air-lock to discharge the dried products. Simultaneously, we re-circulate some drying air to the heater to minimize the need for drying energy.

The start-up and shutdown of the air stream dryer are easy and quick, making it easy to operate. There are also very few rotating parts to ensure easy maintenance, limiting it to inspections and lubricating a few bearings. Due to this, the cost of spare parts is meager compared to other drying technologies.

Two stage drying for optimal energy utilization

Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer with all its advantages can be installed as final stage dryer. Generated steam from the superheated steam dryer can be used as heat source for drying in Exergy Air Stream Dryer. The drying energy is thus reduced to 50% as compared to single stage drying.

The air stream dryer can use waste heat at low temperatures to dry various products
to required moisture within a few seconds. Combined with the Exergy Superheated
Steam Dryer, you get double capacity but only half the energy and space requirement.

Key features of the ExergyASD®:

  •  Indirect heating of drying media
  • High efficiency and availability
  • Low emissions to the atmosphere
  • Flexible to operate
  • Easy maintenance due to few rotating parts
  • Easy integration with other processes for energy optimization
  • Small foot print
  • Ideal for low temperature drying

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