Pulp & Paper dryer

The right dryer is key to getting the best value out of your product.
Swedish Exergy dryers helps our client achieve the best value for their application.

Exergy dryer for the Pulp and Paper Industry

The first Exergy Paper and pulp dryer, our Superheated Steam dryer was installed 1979 at Rockhammar Pulp Mill, for drying fluff pulp. With only a few modifications for increasing capacity it is still in operation together with Exergy bed dryer. The Exergy Dryer provides a gentle and energy efficient drying for any pulp to be packed as a fluff pulp. Also any resulting sludge can be dried and used as fuel.

Exergy bed dryer or Exergy air stream dryer can be combined with Exergy superheated steam dryer or delivered as a stand alone installation to dry bark, saw dust or ground wood pulp.

Key benefits of drying paper & pulp with steam:

  • Improve fiber strength
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Improve storage life time
  • Improve quality of the product

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