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Through our well-established network of suppliers, associated partners, subsidiaries and sub-contractors we deliver bespoke plants for our international and local clients to suit their specifications.

Working at Exergy

The Exergy team is a keen mix of young talents and experienced experts from all over the world capable of completing large and complex projects.

We work around our core values; Quality, Innovation, Drive, and Equality.
Swedish Exergy strive to constantly increase the quality of our products through innovation, R&D, know-how and past experience.

Exergy has short decision paths allowing us greater flexibility. Our staff is involved in all projects from start to finish, allowing them to be a part of the whole process and giving them great responsibility and ability to influence company decisions.

Vacant positions

Technical salesman – Gothenburg

We are now looking for a consultative technical salesman who is driven by creating good and
long-term relationships with customers and partners. Swedish Exergy’s solutions are energy efficient, have the least CO2 ‘foot-print’  compared to other technologies on the market. Our technology eliminates the risk of fire and explosion and has the lowest ‘Life Cycle Cost’. Swedish Exergy AB is an innovation-driven and niched energy technology company, do you want to be part of our growth journey and contribute to a more sustainable future?

About the position.
The work as a technical salesman at Swedish Exergy means that you will work with consultative sales of innovative solutions, developed by the company’s technical team, to customers in the process industry, the energy sector, food / animal feed and treatment plants in Europe (Nordic, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland) . As a salesperson at Swedish Exergy, you are expected to work goal-oriented and to independently drive the sales process forward based on set goals.

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+46 (0) 31 51 39 90


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We are looking for business partners across the globe to market and sell Swedish Exergy AB drying and evaporation technologies. For more information please contact us at info[@]swedishexergy.com