The right dryer is key to getting the best value out of your product.
Swedish Exergy dryers helps our client achieve the best value for their application.

Steam drying animal feed

Steam drying animal feed with our ExergyPSSD® makes the product 100% sterilized, no oxidation occurs and ExergyPSSD® changes the protein molecule structure to a less water soluble open protein compared to the native global structure.

The protein is not denatured during the drying process when drying with steam. This creates protected protein, which by-passes the rumen without being degraded allowing full digestion in the small intestine. The amount of protein by-passing the rumen will increase by about 50% to be used in the intestine for improved milk production and weight gain (meat).

Animal feed

Many food processes create a lot of byproducts that can be used as animal feed instead of being seen as waste. Food processes like milling or brewing produce important ingredients to create fodder additives.

For example, the bottom stillage from fermentation is a sludge rich in protein with 75% to 80% water. The dried sludge is called DDGS and is an excellent animal feed.


Exergy dryers allow the byproducts from the production of sugar or alcohol, also called dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) to be used either as feed for livestock, rather than being discarded or burned in-efficiently.

DDGS and corn fibers/CSL dried with our Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer have higher quality, due to the creation of protected proteins, is guaranteed sterilized and can be stored almost indefinitely. All of the water in the feedstock is recovered as liquid water and over 90% of the drying energy is recovered as steam/heat that can be used for starch cooking or evaporation of thin stillage/in distillation columns etc.

Instead of using hot-air in the dryer, that often results in a non-uniform dryness, poor product quality with nutrient degradation and oxidation of the product, the ExergyPSSD® can enhance the quality of the product.

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