DDGS is a nutrient-rich byproduct of ethanol and food production great for feed additives.
A stable and optimized drying process is key to achieving the greatest value for the DDGS.

What is DDGS?

DDGS (distiller’s dried grains with solubles) is an important byproduct in the production of ethanol from grain. It’s both an energy source and a highly nutritious feed additive for animals.

The production process for all types of potable alcohol and bioethanol involves fermentation, which converts sugars from the feedstock into ethanol and carbon dioxide, usually by yeast. This process is always the same and doesn’t change, although the starting materials such as grains, grapes or other fruits and products may vary.

The rest of the raw material after fermentation is called stillage, a very nutritious pulp that contains 75 to 80% water. It’s harvested to make a variety of products, including wet and dried distillers grains. Stillage has excellent nutritional value because the starch has been removed, leaving a high-fiber, mineral- and protein-rich byproduct that can be used as animal feed instead of being discarded or burned uneconomically.

Steam drying animal feed

DDGS drying is a sensitive process. If you dry the DDGS using the wrong process at the wrong temperature, you can damage the DDGS by adding a bad taste. It can also cause burns and/or strip the DDGS of valuable minerals and proteins that animals need. Instead, a stable and optimized drying can improve the DDGS quality, shelf life and nutritional value.

When steam drying stillage with our ExergyPSSD®, you can achieve a final product with improved properties. Steam drying changes the structure of the protein molecules to a less water-soluble, open protein compared to the original form. This creates protected proteins because the protein in DDGS isn’t denatured during the drying process.

The protected protein can pass through the rumen without being degraded, resulting in an increase of about 50% of protein that can be fully processed in the intestine. This leads to improved milk production and weight gain (meat).

Exergy dryers for DDGS

When drying with our Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer, the value of DDGS is further enhanced while at the same time reducing the energy consumption for drying considerably. In addition, you also get a 100% sterilized product resulting in an increased shelf life.

With our dryer you can recover all the water in the raw materials as liquid water. At the same time you can recover about 90% of the drying energy as steam/heat. The recovered heat can then be used in another part of your process, such as cooking starch or evaporating thin film/distillation columns.

Instead of using hot air in the dryer, which often leads to uneven drying, poor product quality with nutrient degradation and oxidation of the product, the ExergyPSSD® can improve the quality of the product.

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