Flue Gas Dryer

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Flue Gas Dryer

The Exergy Flue Gas Dryer was developed to meet the needs of the industry for the utilisation of latent heat in flue gases from boilers.

The dryer consists of feeding and discharge equipment, a separation cyclone and specially designed drying conduits. The bio-mass is fed in hot flues gas stream and gets in direct contact with flues gases. The residence time is short and latent heat in the gas can be used to dry the biomass to some extent. The technology is suitable for biomass with small particle size like bagasse, grass, other agro-residues etc.

Direct contact flue gas drying has disadvantages of product contamination, limited drying possibility due to limited energy in flue gases, fire and explosion risk and corrosion risk if the temperature is not properly controlled and can fall under dew-point leading to condensation.

Key Benefits:

  • Use of waste heat as drying energy
  • Maximize electrical power production when used for boiler fuel
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Few moving parts and easy to operate

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