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Through our well-established network of suppliers, associated partners, subsidiaries and sub-contractors, Exergy technologies delivers bespoke plants for our international and local clients to suit their specifications.

Exergy technologies,

your trusted partner for dehydration solutions.

Our clients maximize their use of energy through our technologies and thereby become more energy efficient, an ever pressing concern in todays world, with added financial benefits. Our experience and know-how with Exergy technologies is unmatched.

We have developed our technologies over the past 40+ years and they are today used in a wide range of industries such as Energy production, pulp and paper, sludge treatment, sugar, tea, mining and many more.

Through our well-established network of suppliers, associated partners, subsidiaries and sub-contractors we deliver bespoke plants for our international and local clients to suit their specifications

What is Exergy Technologies?

Exergy is a thermodynamic concept, used for many years within engineering and defines as the maximum available work potential of energy available in a process. Our technologies maximise the usable part of the Energy, therefore called Exergy technologies.

Exergy technologies are ideally suited for sustainable development by maximizing usable part of the energy and minimizing losses. Our technologies minimize energy usage in all industry sectors and help produce renewable energy in form of bio-mass, bio-fuels, next generation ethanol and methanol, green diesel, waste to clean energy projects like sludge and household waste to green energy.


The Exergy Superheated Steam Drying technology was invented at Chalmers University in Gothenburg in the late 1970s by Claes Münter, and was commercialised by one of the first seed companies from the Chalmers University, named Svensk Exergiteknik AB (Swedish Exergy Technology AB).

Swedish Exergy AB is a turnkey supplier of Exergy Superheated Steam DryerExergy Air Stream DryerExergy Bed DryerExergy Flue Gas DryerExergy Forced Circulation Evaporator and Falling Film Evaporator systems. We provide complete engineering, turnkey delivery, design & consulting services.

Exergy group of companies consists of Swedish Exergy AB (SEAB), Exergy Hamacher (Design office), Exergy Hamacher workshop (India), Exergy Dryers Private Ltd. (India) and Greentech Plastwood Ltd (India).

Swedish exergy subsidiaries

Exergy Hamacher, focus on manufacturing of the patented TroMaxx>> heavy duty conical/cylindrical Rotary Valves and Mixers. The workshop (located in India), manufactures Exergy Hamacher rotary valves focusing on bulk material handlingfor the global market.

Exergy Dryers Private Ltd., a 100% owned subsidiary of SEAB, provides engineering and marketing support of our drying technologies to Indian and Asian markets. They own and run a R&D facility including a pilot plant where new materials and applications for our clients are tested.

Greentech Plastwood Private Ltd., based in India, produces wood plastic composites (WPC) using Exergy Drying technology to substitute wood, PVC and metal in building products such as door frames, window frames, construction and decorative items.

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