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Exergy Drying Technologies

Over the past 40+ years we have developed our Drying Technologies to be the most efficient and sustainable and today, they are used in a wide range of industries such as energy production, steel manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, pulp and paper, sludge treatment, sugar, tea, mining and many more.

Exergy Drying Technologies are ideally suited for sustainable development by maximizing the usable part of the energy and minimizing losses. We enable our Clients to go further than anyone else in realizing higher profits with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly innovative dehydration processes.

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Exergy Technologies

Drying Technologies

Our Drying Technologies have a short residence time of few seconds, but still a dryness close to 99,9% dry solids can be achieved.


Evaporators have been designed and developed by Exergy to be used mainly in conjunction with our Exergy Dryers.

Rotary valves

The TroMaxx>> Conical Rotary Valve feeds bulk material from atmospheric pressure into a pressurized system.

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