Exergy evaporator at stena recycling

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

Swedish Exergy visited Stena Recycling in Trollhättan, Sweden to see the Exergy forced recirculation evaporator that was delivered to then Volvo Aerospace in 1995.

The evaporator is still in use today and performing exceptionally well says the client. Apart from small valves and instrument changes no major changes have been made to the evaporator since installation.

One of Swedish Exergy’s unique selling points is that the evaporator can run much longer than other evaporators available on the market before cleaning is required. Stena confirms this by saying that they clean their evaporator only every 2nd year, this is due to a mandatory inspection otherwise they expect the evaporator to run longer than 2 years prior to cleaning being required.

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