High-value animal feed with Exergy PSSD®High-value animal feed can be created from many different sources. Some of the more typical sources are Dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) from ethanol production, Brewer’s spent grains (BSG) from beer production, and waste from juice production.

ExergyPSSD® (Exergy Pressurized Superheated Steam Dryer) changes the protein molecule structure to a less water-soluble open protein compared to the native global structure. The protein is not denatured during the drying process. This creates so-called protected protein which by-passes the rumen without being degraded allowing full digestion in the small intestine. The amount of protein bypassing the rumen will increase by about 50% to be used in the intestine for improved milk production and weight gain (meat).

The ExergyPSSD® is a closed, pressurized drying system where the wet product is exposed to superheated steam. The steam serves as a transport gas for the product in the dryer. The heat for drying is transferred from the drying medium through the superheater surfaces to the steam and the suspended product. Flue gas, steam, thermal oil, natural gas, and more can be used as a heat source for the dryer. Dried product and superheated steam are separated in a cyclone and the steam is recirculated. Part of the dried product is recirculated back to the mixer where it is mixed with the wet product and the partially dry mixture is fed into the dryer. Water in the wet product becomes steam in the dryer and is discharged through a pressure control valve to maintain constant pressure in the dryer. This surplus steam can then be used to power other processes at your site. The typical residence time for the product is 10-20 seconds in the steam dryer.

We analyze our customers’ needs to provide effective drying processes that lead to a cost-effective complete solution with high productivity and energy efficiency.

150 kWh/ton water evaporation – Energy saving
Few rotating parts – High availability and low maintenance cost

Small footprint, built on height – Save on land 
The first plant commissioned in 1979 is still operable – A long lifetime

No emissions to the atmosphere – No VOC or odor treatment needed
Oxygen-free – No fire and explosion protection systems needed

Exergy steam drying technology does more than just drying. The dried product receives many unique benefits and improvements compared to other drying methods
ExergyPSSD® ANIMAL FEED benefits
• Non-oxidized product
• Sterilized product
• Increase by-pass protein value
• Healthier animals

Swedish Exergy has over 40 years of experience within the field of drying. And are the inventor of the superheated steam drying technology. We have delivered projects both big and small worldwide and can handle all types of drying related applications. If you would like to know how We can help You contact us today!
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