Save Lives and Money using our superheated steam dryer

As we touched on in last month’s newsletter, with our superheated steam dryers there is no longer the need to worry about fires and explosions. Since we’re using superheated steam as the drying media, the atmosphere within our closed-loop system is oxygen-free, we displace all air containing the oxygen with steam thus no fires or explosions can take place within the dryer. Because of this, our dryers don’t require any ATEX 94/9/EC certification which drastically lowers the client’s insurance premiums. There is no need for spark detectors, sprinklers, and other costly preventative systems.
Not only is this one less thing to worry about, but it also creates a safer workplace for the workers. To this day we haven’t had a single reported fire or explosion incident in our steam dryers, where the oldest one was built in 1979.
Another benefit is that there’s also no emissions, which means that there’s no need for an RTO or bag filters, which in turn also saves money.

Are you right now working from home with some extra time on your hands reading this, and has been curious about our dryers and technology? Why not give us a call and, let us present our self and discuss your needs and application. We’re fully operational and will be happy to talk to you. Contact us today to learn more and how we can fit this into your application!

Upcoming Podcast appearance regarding our superheated steam dryers.

We were recently in contact with Dr. Chris Cloney from DustEx Research Ltd ( who is one of the top resources for driving awareness, knowledge, connection, and change around the safe handling of combustible dust and powdered materials. Dr. Cloney is hosting a weekly podcast on the subject and we’re scheduled to be on the podcast discussing how to prevent dryer fires and explosions using superheated steam. It should be a very interested one, especially if you’d like to learn more about how our dryers are completely fire and explosion-proof. We will keep you posted once the episode gets published.

An upcoming article in BioEnergy International

In February we had a visit from Alan Sherrard Editor-in-Cheif at Bionengery International who was interested in writing an article about our company and technology. We performed an interview at our office in Gothenburg. The article should be out shortly, and we will keep you posted once it’s out.

Swedish Exergy awarded highest credit rating AAA

Swedish Exergy has yet again been awarded Bisnode’s highest credit rating AAA. This is something we work very hard for every year and are very proud to have been able to achieve this again. Only about 3% of the companies in Sweden have the AAA rating and we’re one of them!