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Contact: Michaela Torkelsson FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Phone: +46 7360 074 25 Gothenburg: April 12th 2022


Swedish Exergy AB to deliver THIRD Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer (ExergyPSSD®) for wheat bottom stillage valurisation to Sedamyl S.p.A in Italy.

The volume of usable material that goes to waste is, and have been for too long, shockingly high. This doesn’t only mean a loss in terms of food for the worlds population. But it creates enormous losses in other important recourses like water, energy and soil nutrients.

Sedamyl S.p.A., one of the leading manufacturers of food ingredients like starchers, sweetners, proteins and alcohol have taken action. The company works towards a more sustainable world by reducing waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Sedamyl S.p.A. set their focus on circular economy and reducing the preassure that production and consumption puts on the world and it’s resources by drying their waste and use it in the animal nutrition industry.

Swedish Exergys parternship with Sedamyl started 20 years ago when we delivered the first ExergyPSSD® in 2004. The purpose was drying of wheat bottom stillage to produce DDGS/high quality animal feed. Ten years later, a second ExergyPSSD® were delivered. Once again we have gotten their trust and is to deliver the THIRD ExergyPSSD®.  This plant will be delivered in 2022 and put into production in first half of 2023.

Swedish Exergy AB is proud that our expertise and technology can and will help our valuable clients, in this case, Sedamyl S.p.A, achieve their sustainable goals and seize opportunities that provide newfound financial gains.

We thank Sedamyl S.p.A for their confidence in us and look forward to delivering another dryer in 2022.


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