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Swedish Exergy AB to deliver a sludge dryer for municipal and industrial sludge to MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞin Turkey.

Gothenburg: October 21st 2020

For years WWTP sludge has been regarded as “only” waste and not as a high-value energy source. MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞ who is installing new sludge combustion and the steam boiler has this week taken the step to maximize their energy production by employing Exergy Flue Gas Dryer to dry the sludge before the boiler. Using the flue gases from the boiler itself as the energy source for the dryer, no thermal energy is needed for the dryer. Only electrical power is needed for rotating machines thusly the dryer has a negligible CO2 footprint.

The project gives MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞ the possibility to increase their energy production. By drying the sludge before the combustion you get a much higher efficiency of the combustion compared to wet sludge.

Swedish Exergy AB is proud that our expertise and technology help companies like MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞ, work in an environmentally friendly way; to seize opportunities that provide newfound financial gains. We thank MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞ for their confidence in us and look forward to delivering a modern and robust Exergy Flue Gas Dryer to MOSBİO ENERJİ AŞ during 2021.


Exergy dryer in Poland
Example of dried sludge
Example of dried sludge