Superheated Steam Dryer

Exergy Superheated Steam Dryer (SHSD)

Invented in the late 70's at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, SHSD uses superheated steam as media for drying of solid materials like paper pulp, saw dust, wood waste, animal feed, peat, sludge, tea, EFB (Empty Fruit Bunches), agro biomass, bagasse, sugar beet pulp, wet solid waste etc. The applications are many.
Medium pressure boiler steam (7-17 bar), High pressure steam (17-50 bar), biogas, natural gas, oil, flue gases, thermal oil can be used to indirectly supply drying energy.

Key Features of the dryer:

  • No emissions to the atmosphere due to a closed loop design.
  • Short residence time of few seconds, but still a dryness close to 99,9% dry solids can be achieved.
  • The short residence time and absence of air ensures non-oxidised product and no risk of fire or explosion. 
  • Complete sterilisation of the product is guaranteed. 
  • Easy Maintenance and high availability due to few rotating parts.
  • Easy integration with other processes for energy optimization. 
  • Possibility to treat the generated steam condensate separately. 
  • The Exergy dryer can operate at pressures from 0,5 bar to 4 bar gauge, thus the moisture vaporised from the wet material can be used as a secondary steam. By utilising this steam over 95% of the drying energy can be recovered and used in other processes like process heating, evaporation/distillation, electricity production or district heating.

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